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Old 06-06-2014, 10:20 AM
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Map Let's Kul Tiras

Originally Posted by World of Warcraft: The Ultimate Visual Guide
The nation of Kul Tiras has also fallen silent since their leader, Daelin Proudmoore, and his men perished in a Horde assault on the city of Theramore shortly after the Third War.
Originally Posted by Loreology twitter account
"Even though she never uses the title, Jaina is still technically Princess of Kul Tiras, right?"

"According to the lore (Arthas novel), she was a noble; not royalty. "

"How could she not be if her father was the King?"

"Was he ever referred to as a King? I'm not seeing that.... "

"If I'm recalling correctly, Tides of Darkness does refer to him as King. I don't have the book on hand or I'd look for ya."

"I did a search, it just said he "ruled" Kul Tiras. "

"Interesting. So after his death, who would be the heir? Nobody? Jaina? Because her brother died before her father did."

"It's been a longstanding and open question. "

"So if not king. What kind of government did it have? Stratocracy?"

"Open question remains open. "
There's a website called At this site you can create a fictional nation and make decisions for how it governs itself. I had a lot of fun with this site when I was fresh in college, about 2002-2003 or so. A lot of time has passed since then. The site has changed a little (but not very much). Of course, you can't take the name of a nation that somebody else has claimed. Ever. Like, for example, none of us can have access to the nationstate I made up in 2002 and then abandoned a few years later out of boredom. Not even me, since the "lost password" replacement gets sent to my old high school e-mail that I likewise abandoned at some point. So no, you're not going to make a nation called "Asgarde" or "Coruscant" or "Lordaeron".

But I got Kul Tiras yesterday. And now, it is ours.

Every few days, I'm going to present an issue put forward by the website. Anyone on Scrolls of Lore will be able to vote, and this vote will represent the will of Kul Tiras in the modern world of Warcraft. Let's begin!

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