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Old 11-06-2016, 08:52 PM
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Default Witch Doctor vs. Necromancer

So they've done it. The Witch Doctor and the Necromancer will inhabit the same game.

While in and of itself, I find Diablo 3's rendition of the Necromancer to be intriguing so far, I still wonder if the game is big enough for the two of them.

Devs say that they're different thematically..... sure. Blood and bone vs. Spirits, Zombies, animals and fetishes. I get it. The theme wasn't where I was overly worried.

Then they say that the Necromancer is more focused, more controlled than the Witch Doctor's pets, who pretty much do their own thing (which happens to be in your service). I can see that.

But doesn't that simply make the Necromancer a more honed, more efficient Witch Doctor? Seems like the Necro is muscling the Witch Doctor out.

As for my personal preferences, I intend to play both (continue to play in regards to the Witch Doctor). The Strategic nature of the Necro looks fun, plus the nostalgia factor (and the blood magic was a nice touch). On the other hand, I do find I identify a lot with the Witch Doctor. Spiritual, kindly/good-natured, but also creepy. I also found out recently that the Witch Doctor makes a decent analogue to some ancestors that I didn't know I had. Turns out my Great Grandma who was notoriously racist and always claimed to be of French Descent was actually descended from a black washer-woman. The irony was somewhat hilarious (we figure she started acting racist once she left New Orleans just so people wouldn't figure out she was black under the 1 drop rule).
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