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Old 11-01-2016, 11:12 AM
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Default Overwatch Christmas

Decided it would be fun to see where we are at looking at the future. With Christmas being the next Overwatch Holiday in the pipeline who do you think will get skins? What will they be, what do you want to see? What are your favorite skin themes right now you want more of? Who do you think will be next to get skins? Just generally thought I'd throw out some assumptions regarding the next holiday...

Ana: 12 Skins (Halloween)
Bastion: 13 Skins (Halloween) (Blizzcon) (Origins) 12 Skins (Summer Games)
Genji: 12 Skins (Summer Games)
Hanzo: 12 Skins (Halloween)
Junkrat: 12 Skins (Halloween+)
Lucio: 12 Skins (Summer Games+ X2)
McCree: 12 Skins (Summer Games)
Mei: 11 Skins
Mercy: 13 Skins (Summer Games) (Halloween+)
Pharah: 13 Skins (Halloween) (Origins)
Reaper: 13 Skins (Halloween+) (Origins)
Reinhardt: 14 Skins (Halloween)
Roadhog: 12 Skins (Halloween+)
Soldier 76: 13 Skins (Halloween) (Origins)
Symmetra: 12 Skins (Halloween)
Torbjörn: 12 Skins (Summer Games)
Tracer: 14 Skins (Summer Games+ X2) (Origins)
Widowmaker: 13 Skins (Summer Games)
Winston: 11 Skins
Zarya: 13 Skins (Summer Games+ X2)
Zenyata: 12 Skins (Halloween)
Sombra: 11 Skins

It's pretty clear that we will see Winston and Mei for Christmas as the Christmas+ unique skins with new models. Halloween had 4 unique Halloween+ character skins rather than reskins listed above. So theres a good chance they may double up as they did on the summer games or provide another 4. We saw 11 total skins for Halloween as well.

I suspect we will also see (arranged from what I think is most likely to least) Roadhoad, Torbjörn, Symmetra, Sombra, Zenyata, D'va, Ana, Genji, McCree and Hanzo in the running for those holiday skins and or recolours.

As much as I want a Reinhardt Krampus, I don't think its going to happen. Heres my proposals for what we will see; Jack Frost Mei, Rudolph Winston with a nose that glows brighter in rage form, Santa Roadhog with a Candycane Hook, Tomte Torbjörn with a jack in the boxish turret. The others will likely be recolours, Elf Symmetra, Nut Cracker Zenyata, Sleigh ride D'va, Mrs Claus Ana, Festive Genji and I don't know... about Mcree in terms of a recolour.

While this post is jumping the gun a little on Christmas speculation, I would like to see them adding more of the classic skin themes. More Medieval, Pirate, Villain, Anime etc would be nice, theres other characters that deserve those treatments. Junkrat not having a pirate skin is a real let down.

Edit: Renamed the thread since you are all no fun.
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