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Old 11-18-2013, 02:11 PM
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Default wrathion future idea ( not counting new expantion)

So I was bored and what do I do when bored? I start changing timelines and events in my head. We all know that Deathwing ( aka neltharion) went insane because of the old gods that are in the deep places of azeroth ( which neltharion got dominion over)

but what I like to think ( don't know if this is confirmed or not) is that he was partly driven insane by his concern for azeroth.

just imagine being a giant dragon that is charged with protecting azeroth, I would go insane myself from just thinking off all the ways that my fragile world with the fragile creatures that live on it could get seriously hurt or destroyed.

My guess is that the old gods would start on that part of his mind and work from there, increase his concerns to the point of being paranoid, then start feeding him ideas to protect his world. ( like the nexus war with malygoss for example) eventually they would be able to get to other parts of his mind because of his paranoia and poof deathwing is born.

Now i don't play warcraft anymore so I don't know the full extend of wrathions lore, but from what ive seen its starting to look like wrathion is very concerned with this future event. ( not counting the new expansion )

He already staged a part of the garrosh get overtrown stuff and wanted varian to take over the horde so that they could face the treat united. This would seem like a good idea, however an overtrown rebellion horde ( thats what i will call it for the time being) would not be happy and eventually something would happen to start a new conflict.

My point being, wrathion has already started manipulating people to meet his own ends ( the protection of azeroth and its creatures) how far will he go to make ends meet. what more could he do to ensure the survival of azeroth?

since he is not affected by the old gods could it be that he follows partly in the footsteps of early neltharion ( and ofc malygoss again with the nexus war) and eventually does more harm then good because of his concern about azeroth? ( and ofc himself he "is" a black dragon after all)

would love to hear you guys thoughts on this,

shade the feral.
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