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Default How I would plot WoD

My plotline predications for Warlords of Draenor. These aren't a complete story, but story arcs that I think would be epic.

Release 6.0
Gul'dan is in Auchidoun where the Shadow Council is experimenting with ways to increase their power. Gul'dan is opening void portals by using the spirit energies within Auchidoun along with the void energies of the dying Naaru there. Cho'gall, Grandmaster Vorpal and Blackheart the Inciter are all there. The are creating dark monstrasities within, including the first of the world bosses a giant Voidwalker the size of the Sha of Anger that patrols around Auchidoun. In the level 100 five mans we stop Gul'dan's schemes, but Gul'dan escapes Auchidoun alongside Cho'gall and Blackheart. When leaving Gul'dan tells Cho'gall that they will give Cho'gall's plan a chance now that Gul'dan's plan has failed. We also stumble across Cho'gall doing business with the Arakkoa in one wing, we crash a meeting Cho'gall flees and leaves a powerful Arakkoa shadowcaster to deal with us. The meeting seems to show that Cho'gall is trading shadow magic knowledge with Terrok and we killed his Arakkoa messenger.

Legendary Chain part one:

Lantresor of the Blade.

Upon hitting 100 we are sent to a gladiator school in Gorgrond. Once there we meet Lantresor of the Blade, he is visiting his friend an orc blademaster that his retired into having the greatest lanista on Draenor. Upon arriving, Lantresor tells us that he has been sent by the blademaster elders to spy on the Blackrock clan. Lantresor tells us he sent for us because the elders sensed our spiritual pressure upon entering their world and have heard of our feats we accomplished when leveling up in Draenor. He tells us that the elders see a great hidden potential within us and a possibly a warrior of prophecy and tells us we will stay and train with him and the other gladiators. We can agree or say no in which Lantresor of the Blade quickly knocks us out in force.

Upon awakening we are locked in the bowels of the Ludus. You awaken with the other gladiators and Lantresor approaches you. He apologizes, but says that completing gladiator training is for our own good and will make us stronger so we can survive what is to come. The elders mentioned we will be able to wield the powers of this world unlike any before us, but before we can we must learn the basics. He releases you from your chains in good faith and asks if you are ready. This begins a quest chain of scenarios to complete. During each of the scenarios we go through gladiator training. We begin with simple training, then do some fighting against NPCs in an arena. After we survive in the arena we are given gladiator brotherhood status.

This unlocks the new arena tournaments allowing you to que for them talking to the blademaster lanista there.

Upon completing the training Lantresor of the Blade tells you why he is really in Gorgrond. He is spying on the Blackrock orcs and says they have discovered how to forge powerful weapons. He says he has been learning the secrets of their smithing and need 10 raid drops to forge a weapon. After collecting the 10 items, he says he will need a source of great strength to complete the weapon. He sends us after the other world boss of 5.0 a powerful Iron Gronn in northern Gorgrond. We must then kill the world boss and claim his heart. We can then turn the heart into Lantresor of the Blade in order to que for a scenario where we travel to a forge within the Blackrock stronghold and reforge our weapons. Completion of the quest awards our weapon with a prismatic socket. (***This quest can be repeated as many times as we want allowing us to socket one weapon per week throughout the expansion. This will give us a reason to raid the Iron Gronn world boss every week throughout the entire expansion***) Lantresor tells us that he will call on us soon so to begin the next step of our prophecy.

6.1 Shadow of the Arakkoa

Upon the release of 5.0 the Spires of Arak zone is closed off, accessible only with flying. When 5.0 hits we are summoned to the base of the Spires in Shadowmoon Valley by Ner'zhul. The skies above Arak have grown black and Ner'zhul is sensing dark magics that are driving the ancestors mad. We complete a quest line with Ner'zhul that gives us the elements and ancestors blessings and enables us to fly. On the quest line, Ner'zhul is curious about the powers at work and wishes to learn as much about it as possible, during the questline Ner'zhul learns new knowledge and lore about the Old Gods. During the questline we learn that the Arakkoa tried to use the same dark void magic that Gul'dan and Cho'gall were using in Auchidoun, but without the Burning Legion to guide him, Terrok found something else within the void. An Old God. He summons his faceless herald into the world and the Arakkoa begin to follow the Old Gods whispers and are trying to summon him into Draenor. The sky above Arak is swirling shadow and in the center is the portal into the Void that Terrok created.

This patch introduces two raids. The first one is the capital palace of the Arakkoa, while here we defeat Terrok. Aproximately 8 bosses big. The 2nd raid requires completion of the first raid and is Arak Spire, we fight our way up the world tree at the center of the zone. Corrupted by the Old Gods energies think world meets twilight bastion tower in Twlight Highlands meets Nexus. We fight our way up the tree guarded by his heralds and then finally fight a weak Old God at the top of the tree that is coming through the portal above us. 2nd raid is probably 3-4 bosses.

Legendary Questline 6.1:

Lantresor of the Blade summons us back to the Ludus. He says the Elders have requested we come to the sacred blademaster temple. We are then sent to Faralon island to the northeast, this island will be of mix of Isle of Giants and Timeless Island. Faralon is full of elemental energies, upon arriving we learn that in Faralon the barriers between worlds is weak and thin allowing elements to travel into Draenor easily there. We are summon to the Blademaster temple were we learn that the blademasters are a secret sect that operates outside the clans that mysteriously work behind the scenes to protect the orcs without their knowing. They have decided to stay out of the Draenei/Orc war because they do not agree with it and their involvment could tear the sect a part. The sect is hundreds of years old and has perfected the art of harnessing power within their weapons to become the ultimate warrior shamans. The blademasters all have very high spiritual power and are only those asked by the elders to train are allowed to become blademasters.

The Elders are a small council of Draenei and Orc blademasters of great power. We meet them and they tell us that they had visions of us along with a few others. They tell us about the blademaster way that blademasters gain great power by entrapping the power of the elements and spirits into their weapons to unleash in battle. The greatest of the blademasters can become one with their weapon taking on its elemental traits in combat. The have made Faralon their home because it supplies them with countless elementals to empowerer themselves with. We are then introduced to the two newest recruits that we will be training with, Varok and Brox Saurfang. They disagreed with the the war of the Iron Horde and came to Faralon to escape the conflict. We meet the first blademaster who is a draenei that claims to have gained mastery over Death and is unable to die as long as he has his blade. We are then given a quest by a member of the council, Elder Hellscream, former chieftan of the Warsong clan, that had to give up his leadership role in the Warsong to his son Grom in order to become an Elder. He mysteriously dissappeared leading many in his clan to believe that Grom murdered him for control of the clan. Hellscream tells us that there is one more student that was summoned to train with us, but he never arrived, but is sensed on the island. We head off with Brox and Varok to go find him.

Upon arriving we learn that the fourth student is Thrall.

Upon returning with Thrall we learn that the Doomhammer is a weapon of great prophecy. That it was once wielded by the greatest elder blademaster throughtout their history and once contained great elemental power. Long ago the Ogre Empire invaded the Orcish Continent under the command of a mighty Grom(Earth Giant) warlord, unleashing the full power of the weapon allowed the blademaster to slay the Grom and stop the invasion at the cost of his own life. The prophecy says that the weapon would find a hier in another world to reclaim it lost power and defend the land from total annilihation once again. They tell Thrall he must learn how to unlock this power, if we are to defend Draenor from an upcoming threat.

We then are giving a questline for the island that is a similar to the Isle of Thunder. We must learn how to empower our weapons with the elements around the island and figure out what is causing the elements around the island to become so distraught. Towards the end of the Questline we find out that an agent of Gul'dan is creating a portal using the weaken world barriers in the area to create a demon gate. We are asked to retrive items from the Arrrakoa raids that are needed to close of the dark portals completely. After collecting the materials, we have to stop them with the help of Varok, Brox, and Thrall and a few of the Elders. At the end we find out that an orcish Warlock named Teron Gorefiend has been sent by Gul'dan to create the demon gate. We attempt to stop him, during the encounter scenario the First Blademaster, the Draenei master of Death loses his weapon to Teron Gorefiend who manages to kill him and claims his weapon. We in turn manage to kill him alongside Brox and Varok while Thrall closes the portal. But thanks to his new blade, Teron Gorefiend comes back to life and escapes. He claims to now have mastery over death thanks to his new blade.

Upon completion of the questline, we are given another quest to get an item from an elemental world boss in Faralon. When completed we get special gems to socket into our weapon. This gems give special procs more like a trinket, legendary cape or Deathwing weapons. (***Once again this quest is repeatable so we can earn one weapon gem a week, and keeping the world boss relevent throughout the xpac***)

6.2 Only the Strong!

Unlocks 3 new zones.

Cho'gall and Gul'dan fled to the Ogre Empire. Cho'gall empowered by Mannaroth and Kil'jaeden defeat the Ogre Emperor and takes over as ruler of the Ogre Empire. With Gul'dan at his side, Cho'gall convinces Mannaroth to give his demon blood to the Ogres to create the ultimate army. Filled with Demonic Bloodlust the Fel Ogres send an invasion into Nagrand. Meanwhile Gul'dan senses a great power deep within the Ogre lands and finds a hidden Titan city deep within the Mountains were the Grom Lords sleep. Long ago the Titans came to Draenor and left behind the Grom to guard the world, upon leaving the Titans empowered several Grom just as they did the Dragon Aspects to guard the world. After many ages the Grom Lords fell asleep deep within the Titan complex. Gul'dan discovers them and begins to corrupt them in their sleep transforming them into weapons of the legion. The first of the Grom Lord he awakens leads the ogre nation's assault into Nagrand. Wielding vast elemental power the Grom Lord is able to conjure storms and earthquakes and is keeping the defending forces from defending and the Iron Horde and Draenei are both unable to repel the invasion at first. Just when all hope seems lost, the Elder Blademasters arrive and lead the charge to fight back against the Demon Ogre armies. Through an epic questline were several of the blademaster elders die killing hundreds of ogres and convince the Alliance and Horde to join forces to stop the Ogre threat, we slowly fight back the invasion, where only the Grom Lord is left. The Horde side is lead by Grom Hellscream, Ner'zhul and Thrall and the Alliance forces by Maraad and Khadgar. Finally in an epic scenario battle with Khadgar, Grom, Ner'zhul and many other major characters. Thrall is able to unlock the power of the Doomhammer that was prophesized and is able to defeat the Grom Lord. Their forces united Khadgar and Thrall lead an assault into the Ogre lands.

Ogre lands include more than one zone and will contain multiple raids again. First raid will be Uld'ogar a titan city where the Grom Lords sleep. This raid will have 5-6 bosses and will end with the final battle against Gul'dan. We will also fight one or two corrupted Grom Lords. Gul'dan is claiming all the knowledge he can in the titan city while also corrupting the Grom Lords to become agents of the Burning Legion. When we arrive we find out one or two of them are already corrupted and we must defeat them. After defeating Gul'dan, we learn that the Grom Lords were just sleeping, but they had sealed themselves in the city as part of a ritual to seal a great evil away deep within Draenor. With only one or two Grom lords still remaining, the barrier keeping the evil imprisoned will break soon. Old God hidden in Draenor?!?!?

The other raid will be Cho'gall's Palace. An Ogre Fortress built for pure might, Cho'gall stands alongside Mannaroth within and we must stop them and keep them from bringing the full might of the Legion forth. Here we will face Emperor Cho'gall and kill Mannaroth freeing the Ogres from the demonic bloodlust. Will likely include 10 or so bosses a mix between demon lords and gronn/ogre lords. Perhaps Teron Gorefiend shows up Death Knight style with his new blademaster weapon.

Getting too long to keep going. Although 6.2 could be epic enough to end the xpac, Kil'jaeden is still out there and there is also someone else behind the scenes to set 6.3 into motion.

What do you guys think? How would you do it?
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Weren't their no Blademasters till after the second war?
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Originally Posted by Anne_Neritas View Post
Weren't their no Blademasters till after the second war?
I think a Blademaster can be anyone really skilled from the Burning Blade clan.
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Interresting to read, but I don't like the Fel Ogre idea. In fact, I hope we will not see a lot of legion stuff during Wod.

I also hope that Velen and Durotan will have a bigger role.

PS : It's Gronn, not Grom.
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The Burning Blade *Clan* wasn't really so much as a clan as much as an "institution".

The Burning Blade *Clan* was made up of those who were the worst effected by the Blood Haze and as a result they were rarely if ever released because they killed friend and foe alike (they were released during the fight at Blackrock Spire but I'm not sure anywhere else).

I'm not really sure when they started to exist but it was founded because of the Blood Haze.

The Blademasters are the few remaining old members of the Burning Blade, the rest died in battle for obvious reasons, IIRC.
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Remember that Lantresor can't exist in the AU Draenor : he is a Half-blood, after all, and just like Garona, he can't possibly have been breed because the Iron Horde don't make use of fel magic, which was used to his creation.

However, it could be interesting to see him with Garona (or possibly alone), in a questline where they will both have to chose which part of their legacy they uphold , Draeneļ, Orc, or a very unique Halfbreed legacy seeking to distinct itself for the other two. After all, even if they probably never knew their mothers (I assume that Lantresor's mother was also a Draeneļ), but they could save them if they survived (and please, Yrel has to not be the mother of any Halfbreed) and maybe learn more about themselves in the process.

Halfbreed should be tied into WoD a lot, IMHO, because it is a chance for them to actually shape their destiny beyond being what the Old Horde forced them to be. I'll tweet it to Metzen, Kosak and co.
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Originally Posted by Machalak View Post
Interresting to read, but I don't like the Fel Ogre idea. In fact, I hope we will not see a lot of legion stuff during Wod.

I also hope that Velen and Durotan will have a bigger role.

PS : It's Gronn, not Grom.
Grom are said to be the name in WoD for the Earth Giants that Gronn descended from. The Giant Skeleton Thunderlord Fortresss is said to be the skeleton of one.
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Originally Posted by Korath View Post
Remember that Lantresor can't exist in the AU Draenor : he is a Half-blood, after all, and just like Garona, he can't possibly have been breed because the Iron Horde don't make use of fel magic, which was used to his creation.
I always got the impression that Lantresor was pretty old. A natural orc/draenei couple is entirely possible at some point in history.
Originally Posted by Reignac View Post
You know, when I put the "i hate all of you" tag in threads, I'm not trying to be funny or cute. With a handful of exceptions, I really do hate almost everybody here.

It's one thing to have problems and voice your concerns, but when you endlessly bitch day in and day out about the same tired old shit, it honestly makes me wonder why you are even here. Generally when somebody doesn't like something, they stop caring about it.

And on that note, SoL is a forum I no longer enjoy. So, I'm done here. And I genuinely think the people who have absolutely nothing at all positive to say about the game and, the people whose posts are composed entirely of whining, really consider leaving (or at least sticking to non-WoW sections). Because if you truly get no enjoyment out of WoW, then why are you here?

With that said, goodbye.
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Originally Posted by Korath View Post
Remember that Lantresor can't exist in the AU Draenor : he is a Half-blood, after all, and just like Garona, he can't possibly have been breed because the Iron Horde don't make use of fel magic, which was used to his creation.
I keep reading this statement, but I never found a solid proof to back it up. If it is refering to the bit in the comics with this flashback of Gul'Dan and Cho'Gall, I always assumed that Garona spoke of the curses and spells the Shadow Council put on her, or that she was aged with fel magic.

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I laughed at the part with Ner'zhul, implying that he's going to do anything then die horribly during Alliance questing in Shadowmoon Valley.

I think we should all guess which Alliance character steals the kill from the player.

Khadgar? Maraad? Yriel?

Also, I'm pretty sure that Landrethor or w/e was a rape baby from the Genocide.
Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
So many deluded people think their rotting Waifuchief cares for them and their faction, when every scrap of internalized narrative has made it clear for years that to Sylvanas, the entirety of the Horde - including her own people - is nothing more than a shitton of bodies to stack between herself and her final death.

And all it takes is a tactically calculated "for the Horde" rallying the troops to make them all think "OMG she really does care!"
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IIRC Garona's mother was bred with one of Gul'dan's warriors, which is how she was concieved. It could be entirely possible that Garona doesn't exist on AU Draenor.... yet. I always figured Lantressor had a similar origin.
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Garona was an accident basically. Gul'dan bred her mother (the sister of Maraad) to one of the Stormreaver Warriors after the Draenei purge, and because she looked so similar to a human, she was aged and programmed as a sleeper agent with fel magic. We *shouldn't* see her in AU.
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fanwank, warlocks of draenor

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