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View Poll Results: How Does Sylvanas Windrunner’s story arc end?
Bi-factional takedown, Raid Boss 5 16.67%
Alliance takedown 13 43.33%
Horde takedown 3 10.00%
She takes herself off the Board 14 46.67%
Sylvanas Wins 3 10.00%
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Old 01-21-2019, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by JorgeAxe View Post
They were literally defending Mulgore against an invading army.

The siege machinery outside the gates of Mulgore is like a spear aimed at our heart. I want you to go to the gates, south of here, and remove those siege vehicles from play.

The Alliance scorches a trail of murder across the Barrens. We must stop them here or there is nothing left for us.

All quests from the tauren Baine exiled. Jorn Skyseer was even one of the people who helped Baine in the Shattering, yet it didn't stop Baine from exiling him for protecting tauren.

So the tauren should just accept their deaths according to you.

EDIT: And the part about the tauren deaths being due to Garrosh is entirely untrue. The Dwarves of Bael Modern have been murdering Tauren for years and even their own journal says their fortress was built for the sake of attacking the Horde.
Didn't those events take place before his exile? When the Alliance and Horde were still officially at war?

I admit that my memory of the events isn't the best, but if I recall correctly, he was exiled at a later date, upon deciding that defending Mulgore was no longer enough to sate his thirst for vengeance.
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Old 01-21-2019, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
Didn't those events take place before his exile? When the Alliance and Horde were still officially at war?

I admit that my memory of the events isn't the best, but if I recall correctly, he was exiled at a later date, upon deciding that defending Mulgore was no longer enough to sate his thirst for vengeance.
Short version is Baine exiled Tauren, including his longtime supporters, for fighting the Alliance, whilst the Alliance was trying to invade Mulgore and Dwarves were conducting a genocidal campaign against tauren.
Originally Posted by Genesis
It's really been a case of Blizzard shitting on the Alliance and Horde storyline, but with the added bonus of the Alliance fanbase requesting to shit further on the Horde fanbase.
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Old 06-17-2019, 12:44 PM
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Looking at my initial answer, I think I would like to change it.

Have a piano fall on her head.

"But Kyalin, what if she survi-"

A saronite piano
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Old 06-17-2019, 01:06 PM
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My old prediction was based on what we knew before 8.0 and imagining a very different story from MoP.

I will repost here my current predictions (based on what we knowe of 8.2), which I had posted in the main BfA thread a month or so ago.

Sylvanas' motivations
- Helya was the one who weakened Vol’jin, leading to his fatal wound.
- Vol’jin was already dead when Sylvanas was appointed Warchief. It was Helya manipulating Vol’jin’s corpse. That’s why Vol’jin can’t remember things clearly.
- Some other entity brought Vol’jin’s spirit back from the Other Side. My bet is Rezan.
- Once Sylvanas was made warchief, Helya leaked information about Eyir and herself to her, leading her to Stormheim and their pact.
- Helya survived her own death due to the pact. She’s now in contact with Sylvanas.
- Sylvanas’ endgame, guided by Helya, is to kill Azeroth and everyone in it, turning the whole world into a realm of undeath, with Helya as its goddess.

Reasons for the War
- The whole war is just a distraction while Sylvanas and Helya work in the background towards their endgame.
- The Void fears Sylvanas because she would lead to the death of the World Soul, and her plans would kill even N’Zoth.
- However, N’Zoth has his own plans, and is trying to get ahead of Sylvanas.
- N’Zoth made a pact with Xal’atath because he knew Sylvanas/Helya would use the blade in their plans. So, he freed the entity in it and replaced it with his own essence, essentially derailing Sylvanas/Helya’s plans.

Final Patch's possible plot
- Final patch is going to be a four-way conflict between Alliance/Horde/Sylvanas/N’Zoth. The Alliance/Horde part will be developed in questing, while the battle between Death and Void will be the theme of the final raid.
- “On the eve of her third death” is about Helya. Her death will lead to N’Zoth freeing himself.
- I still think the final patch will be set in Quel’thalas and both Helya and N’Zoth want the Sunwell to power their efforts.
- I also still think the void elves will be revealed as mostly traitors serving the Void in the final patch. Not all of them, but I think Umbric will be one of the traitors. They will lay a trap to transform more elves, since a lot of thalassians in both sides will be present in a Quel’thalas story. You know where this goes... That’s how void elves will get a “real race” status, but the "new" void elves have a completely different mindset from their predecessors, as dealing with the void was never a choice they made, so they view it as a curse.
- So, in essence, Alliance has been used as pawns of the Void ("The boy king serves at the master's table"), while Horde was manipulated by Death.
- N’Zoth will be freed but not as we imagine it. Rather than breaking his prison, his essence in Xal’atatah will gain a mortal form, in a Nyarlathotep way, and he will be set up as a villain to plague us over future expansions.
- Sorry for any typos; english's not my primary language.

- A better signature coming soon(ish).
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