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Post Red Continent (AU)

Red Continent is based in an alternative reality Warcraft universe; one that asks the question of ‘What if Arthas had not culled Stratholme and failed to contain the Scourge?’
__________________________________________________ ___

The old continent withers and dies. The cold hand of the Undead Scourge clasps the blackened spires of Lordaeron and stalks the halls of Ironforge. All across the Eastern Kingdoms, stirred by the mysterious prophet, kings and ancient dynasties lead their people to unknown shores.

The old hatreds simmer on the surface. Even the Great Scourging could not erase the memory of the wars of Alliance and Horde.

Prologue (years 1-7)

Key = 1 A.C (One year After Culling)

1 A.C - Stratholme’s quarantine fails, and a massive spread of the plague is initiated by the Cult of the Damned, resulting in the total collapse of the Eastweald, Hillsbrad and Tirisfal as the Kirin Tor fail to identify and stop it. Terenas Menethil is assassinated by Scourge agents, while Arthas under pressure from Daelin Proudmoore begins preparing his people for evacuation - to honour old agreements the new King of Lordaeron invites Thoras and Hath to travel west as well. The Scourge is contained at Thoradin’s Wall and Silverpine by Stromgarde & Gilneas respectively, however with Dalaran under siege by the forces of Dalvengyr and the Dreadlord Brothers in control of Capital City the efforts of Arthas are hampered heavily. Calia Menethil is killed by the plague and Thoras dies under mysterious circumstance, leading in the collapse of Stromgarde’s hierarchy with the monarchy-in-exile being sheltered by Reginald Baradin on Tol Barad.
3 A.C - The Scourge reaches Quel’thalas, lead by Mephistroth, using promises of power they breach the runestones with aid from Magisters Rommath, Dar’khan Drathir and Lyandra Sunstrider. The Dreadlord revives Kel’thuzad using the immense power of the Sunwell into the newest line of Death Knights, a call back to the sorcerous ilk of Teron Gorefiend and the like. Lyandra is named Queen of Quel’thalas by the master of the Cult of the Damned. Tyr’s Hand and Hearthglen by now are the last major holdouts of Lordaeron, with King Arthas having taken the majority of survivors to Kul Tiras - the insulted General Abbendis renounces the old crown and declares a holy theocracy based on the martyr, Alonsus Faol, who attempted to stop Arthas’ culling but was cut down by the hot blooded prince - the Alonsian Crusade is called. Survivors of Quel’thalas simply named the ‘Highborne’ flee west, landing in Kalimdor.
4 A.C - The Alonsian Crusade holds Tyr’s Hand but Hearthglen soon falls with Taelan Fordring fleeing through the northern territories to Northrend, the Hearthglen Regency is formed on the bleak coasts of Northrend as survivors from Tirisfal colonize the relatively docile lands of the Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills. General Hath leads the Alterac Popular Front to Kul Tiras, where the Grand Admiral is nominated the leader of the New Alliance, and on advice from Magus Medivh a great fleet is commissioned by the admiralty to see the peoples of Boralus, Lordaeron and Alterac to the mysterious continent of Kalimdor. The Greymane Wall is completed and Gilneas enters total isolation, but not before a brigade of soldiers accompanying citizens and a large portion of the Gilnean navy arrive in Kul Tiras, lead by Baron Silverlaine - the Pyrewood Expedition Company is created to honour the sacrifice of Darius Crowley at the battle of Ambermill, where a small force Gilneans, Kirin Tor and Tirasians fended off the Scourge forces lead by Balnazzar.
5 A.C - The New Horde, under leadership of Orgrim Doomhammer, Drek’thar, Vol’jin and Grommash Hellscream arrive on the coasts of Kalimdor, Orgrim perishes soon after in a violent skirmish against the so-called Centaur, and his protege Go’el is named Warchief of the Horde. Go’el establishes contact between the various scattered elements, unifying at a stretch of land he names Durotar in honour of his father. Hellscream leads the Warsong Outriders into battle against the Centaur, where he meets the Tauren - an alliance is established between the Warsong clan and the Grimtotem tribe, as these mysterious bovine people are integrated into the Horde. The Bloodhoof tribe is found shortly later by Go’el, with Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof being made overall representative of the Tauren in the Horde. Mulgore is colonized in the year with aid from the already native denizens of Ratchet and Gadgetzan - Gazlowe is sent to Kezan to seek out further goblin financial aid. The great exodus of the Alliance begins from Kul Tiras, following a vicious naval battle between stolen elven, orcish and undead ships against the combined navies of four former kingdoms, Reginald Baradin perishes leaving Galen Trollbane overall commander of the Stromic forces. The fleet breaks out of the bay at immense cost, only around half of the initial survivors even reaching the ocean.
6 A.C - Chaotic storms annihilate parts of the expedition, while undead pursuers attempt to hunt down the slower caravels, more Gilnean warships perish in the defense of the rearguard, while Admiral Proudmoore’s sees landfall months later - New Boralus is established in the wake of the Scourge blockade and subsequent bombing of the old city. Kul Tiras as an island is wiped out by the plague, while the scattered expedition fleets see landfall at various parts of Kalimdor. Galen’s Thoradin's’ Reach is shipwrecked in the Barrens, Arthas’ Tirisfal Enclave in Azshara, and Daelin makes landfall in Dustwallow Marsh, refounding the Admiralty of Boralus. A truce is signed between the Horde and Alliance in the wake of the realization that both factions had fled from the Scourge. Taelan Fordring sets of an expedition with the aid of Muradin Bronzebeard to recover the supposed ‘relic to end the war’ - Frostmourne. The Alonsian Crusade is cornered and laid under siege at Tyr’s Hand, while the Scourge cross Thandol Span. Khaz Modan’s outer shield falls quickly and the Wetlands, Loch Modan and outer Dun Morogh are incorporated into the Scourge’s growing realm. Baron Rivendare leads the siege of Ironforge, with Magni famously claiming that the city’s gates can hold for ten thousand years, and more.
7 A.C - A plague strikes Ironforge, wiping out a majority of it’s population including most of the royal family and the senate, the remaining defenders are too weakened to prevent Rivendare from breaching the gates using Thaddius, the Flesh Titan. Naxxramas is launched from Northrend where it makes landfall on the shores of Silverpine - Gilneas stands. On Kalimdor, the remains of the Alliance encounter the Kaldorei, with Arthas spearheading diplomacy with the mysterious forest folk, along with finding an alliance with Kael’thas Sunstrider’s Highborne, the two prince-made-kings unite their factions and create Theramore in the ruins of the ancient city in the mouth of the bay, the Kaldorei delay diplomatic action in the wake of this, while Daelin leads outward expansion, establishing forts Liberty and Victory in the marsh, while Brann Bronzebeard sees the creation of Bael Modan, placing it under the control of Vanndar Stormpike. Dwarven scribes name Brann the Uncertain King due to his unwillingness to take the throne, the last supposed Bronzebeard exiling himself to the far south with his Explorers’ League to seek out relics capable of defeating the Scourge - Vanndar is named Lord-Regent of Bael Modan. General Hath is killed in a skirmish against the Warsong Clan and Aliden Perenolde is crowned King of Alterac - the castle of Falcon’s Pointe is named the new capital of Alterac, a strained treaty is signed at Razor Hill between Go’el and Aliden, seeing Alterac swear open neutrality in exchange for protection, the Echo Isles are colonized by the Darkspear.

The Third War (years 8-15)
8-13 A.C
- Daelin Proudmoore sees the final stones of New Boralus built, and with the aid of King Galen leads declares open war against the Horde following further Warsong and Grimtotem aggression in Dustwallow and the Barrens. The Third War, many call it. The initial battles see a landslide victory for disciplined and grizzled Alliance troops, while many of the orcs are unprepared for such a brutal conflict following liberation of their internment, however a combined coalition of orc, tauren, troll, goblin and ogre see Daelin pushed back, with the final battle of the year being for Razorfen Kraul, a pyrrhic Horde victory. Grommash willfully allows the use of warlocks and demons in combat to combat the remnants of the Silver Hand and hydromancer orders of Boralus, meanwhile Daelin adds ruthless bombing campaigns with the usage of dwarven artillery batteries, Bael Modan becomes a permanent foothold as the Horde fail to breach it even with the aid of goblin and ogre efforts. Arthas Menethil leads a northern offensive through Azshara into the Barrens, further alienating the Kaldorei who seek only isolation. The Kaldorei do not join the Alliance. Taelan Fordring arrives on the coasts of Westfall, with an army of ten thousand undead legionnaires at his back - Stormwind falls in four days and the Wrynn dynasty ends, the Eastern Kingdoms fall bar the troll empires and the dwarves of Blackrock. Factions shortly after break out among the wider Scourge with Ner’zhul initiating his rebellion, seeing an almost total coup against the Burning Legion, as the Scourges of Northrend, Stratholme, and Stormwind side with the Lich King, while the Scourge of Tirisfal, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad align underneath the Council of the Nathrezim. Dalaran falls by Dalvengyr’s hand but the Book of Medivh had been stolen away by Jaina Proudmoore years prior, the Legion is denied it’s gateway into the world, for now.
14 A.C - The Third War sees the Barrens totalled, with Grommash’s commander role limiting his action on the field as the chieftain of the Warsong takes more and more control of the Horde from Go’el, until Scouring of the Isles, where the newly refitted Grand Armada surrounds and obliterates the trolls of the Echo Isles in the span of a day-long bombardment, with the Grand Admiral authorizing the use of experimental fire bombs. The Echo Isles are rendered totally uninhabitable and the remaining Darkspear are cornered at Sen’jin, however in a twist of fate it’s Alteraci saboteurs that see the Grand Armada stalled as the vast shipyards of New Boralus are intentionally heavily damaged by Aliden’s best, the Alteraci renounce their oaths to the Alliance but manage to escape with a pact of non-retaliation due to the intense pressure on so many fronts already affecting Daelin. The scouring sees conflict ramp up as Warsong efforts see Bael Modan surrounded wholly, while forces are sent into Dustwallow with a guerrilla campaign lead by Tandred Proudmoore heavily delaying Grommash’s march. The commander of the Horde forces falls ill due to a mysterious ailment of the swamp, while the people of Thoradin’s Reach lead a savage flank, sacking the Crossroads, and Ratchet, Stromic troops by the end of the year arrive at the unfinished gates of Orgrimmar, forcing a stalemate in the war.
15 A.C - With the stalemate carrying through the year’s end, it was inevitable as another action would force a break in the peace, as the forces of Theramore with a small contingent of the Kaldorei Watchers occupy the Warsong Gulch, forcing Hellscream’s forces south as Orgrimmar is further encircled. With Grom’s reconstitution of fel users being made apparent, the Kaldorei wholly join the war effort as sentinel detachments force the Grimtotem out of Stonetalon, while Shandris Feathermoon leads forces in Feralas against the southern ogres and tauren. With the Alliance reigniting the war, Grommash’s acting successor, Varok Saurfang leads the storming of New Boralus. Daelin Proudmoore is killed in his throne room by Rexxar, with Varok being badly wounded by the Admiral’s guard and Hellscream incapacitated by a malaise. Retaliation was swift as Stromic assassins breached Orgrimmar at night, decapitating Go’el, stealing Doomhammer and massacring much of the orcish leadership, leaving only Drek’thar, Varok and Grommash. With both leaders dead, Grom is named Warchief of the Horde and orders a withdrawal and consolidation of the Horde’s acquired territories, while Arthas takes the role of the Alliance’s most senior commander, arguably declaring his most controversial move in removing both Thoradin’s Reach and New Boralus from the fold - the two exiled kingdoms form the Confederacy of Boralus; naming Grand Admiral Tandred Proudmoore it’s military leader for his successes in Dustwallow. Bael Modan joins the confederacy shortly after while the remaining Alteraci are forced into exile by Grommash to Azshara, Aliden’s court dissolves and forms petty feudal fiefdoms, many of which are absorbed into the Alliance in the wake of the war’s end. Both factions now turn south to the mysterious deserts of Tanaris.
The dash for Kalimdor (years 17-20)
17-20 A.C
- Gadgetzan officially joins the Horde, while the Sandfury trolls form an uneasy pact with the Warsong Clan, which after the siege of Orgrimmar had become one of the most dominant factions in the Horde, with the Grimtotem, Stonemaul and now Sandfury all aligning themselves underneath Grommash’s banner, an unofficial triumvirate now rules in Orgrimmar between Grom, Vol’jin and Drek’thar. The Pyrewood Expedition Company is rediscovered by the Alliance, Baron Silverlaine joining it (the Alliance) and swearing fealty to Arthas Menethil. Tanaris becomes a frontier for colonials of both factions, while Thousand Needles is settled by the Grimtotem. An unofficial trade war for naval shipping lanes begins as goblin financiers neutral or otherwise attempt to scrounge the best contracts with either faction. Tandred Proudmoore sees the Confederacy solidify it’s position in central Kalimdor, while Un’goro’s PEC establish Silverlaine’s Front with the aid of Brann Bronzebeard.
The present (year 21)
21 A.C
- It has been two decades since the fall of Lordaeron, Grommash is terribly ill, obvious faction lines are drawn in the sands of Durotar, and a tense air fills the lungs of the peoples of the Horde. The Centaur march once more to war under the leadership of a singular great Khan, while old blood is stirred by border skirmishes in Dustwallow. Rampant religious zealotry plagues the realms of the Confederacy and the Alliance, moon-cultists, witch hunters and the like, while rumours of an ancient enemy of the Kaldorei growing in the south from a three century old war has set the Kaldorei on edge. Only recently has word of Stormwind’s fall arrived, and the massive civil war occuring between the various factions of the Scourge.
What will the living who remember do?

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Crossed Swords (War2) I. Red continent: Factions; update 24/06/2018

Confederacy of Boralus
Leader: Lord-Admiral Tandred Proudmoore
Capital: New Boralus

1- Thoradin's Reach
2- New Boralus
3- Fort Liberty
4- Fort Victory
5- Bael Modan

The Confederacy of Boralus was created in the outcome of the death of Daelin Proudmoore and the summary exile lead by Arthas Menethil to sever ties from the warmongering Thoradin's Reach. Indeed, the primary principles of the Confederacy is hatred against orcs, and self-reliance, and since then the faction has demonstrated ample skill in both as it has become one of the biggest powers in Central Kalimdor.
The primary races of the Confederacy are humans and dwarves.
The second largest city of the Confederacy is Thoradin's Reach.

Military might;
On the ground the primary arms of the the Confederacy consists of Stromgarde's Red Legion, and Kul Tiras' dedicated marine corps. This is supported with siege tanks, mortars and other technology by the dwarves of Bael Modan, in fact the Confederate army is one of the most mechanized and rapid-moving in the world, as large steam-powered open-air tanks are capable of bringing whole battalions through the swamps of Dustwallow to the front in a matter of hours, and the primary command centers of the Confederate military consist of large, mobile bastions designed by the dwarves and adapted by the humans into their doctrines. The confederacy also holds a large amount of experimental gnomish weaponry, and a small force of submarines from the Second War.
It's navy however, is at it's weakest, with much of it having been put to anchor around Alcaz Island and neglected, large Tirasian dreadnoughts having been put out of service several years prior to the end of the Third War. The large navy of nearly fifty warships however could still be formidable if recommissioned back into service.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Confederacy is Prince Galen Trollbane.
The flagship of the Confederacy is the Lady Forlorn.

The primary produce of the Confederacy is gold, coal, and limited amounts of oil, due to the poor quality of wood in the swamp much of it is imported from either Feralas or Ashenvale through limited trade agreements with the Elves, along with this large quarries in the Barrens provide the primary source of employment for the citizenship, along with other military industries such as the creation of firearms, shipbuilding and other tasks.
Slavery in the Confederacy is legal; as orc, troll and tauren prisoners of war are oft put to more humiliating tasks, along with the slave trade having boomed as plantations dotted around forts Victory and Liberty requiring manual labor that is both expendable and cheap.
The primary currency of the Confederacy is Gold, silver and copper.

The traditions and culture of the Confederacy is very spartan, many live in simply furnished homes with little personal belonging, as everything is pushed towards the survival of the Confederacy and benefit of the state rather than the people, this along with a strict regulation of church-worship: prayer is only allowed in churches, and priests give sermons only in weekly mass, paladins are forbidden entirely as a martial order unless directly requested by the Lord Admiral.
As a result much black market dealing in the clergy and secretive societies have bred a cycle of subterfuge in the deeper elements of the confederate government, this essentially means that while the government outwardly is at peace, civil unrest boils beneath the curtains constantly.

Other notes;
  • A large monument of Daelin Proudmoore decorates the main square of New Boralus.

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Interesting stuff, keep posting.
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