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Old 02-03-2014, 01:14 AM
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Neutral Building Affiliation Transformation: Exercising in Creativity

The goal of the game is to make up a backstory for each playable race to join the opposite faction.

For extra challenge, try to make up an "ALSO" backstory and an "ONLY" backstory (for example, Horde-only dwarves, Horde-too dwarves).


1) Orcs are default Horde, Humans are default Alliance (so you can't make an Alliance-only orc backstory). This is done for your convenience to tie up opposite races to the faction. You can, however, make up an AllianceOrc/HordeHuman backstory, but not on the exclusive level.

2) The moment in the timeline in which the race joins the Horde/Alliance is for you to decide.

3) If you're putting multiple "only" backstories make them coexist with each other. If your trolls joined the Alliance, don't write about Vol'jin introducing gnomes to Orgrimmar.


1) "Can I make an Alliance blood elf a high elf?" - whatever you wish. Personally, I prefer High Elves for Alliance-too, but Allied Blood Elves for Alliance-only. You decide!

2) Same method can be applied to Draenei/Eredar. Or you can ignore the Eredar and continue the story of Akama's broken.


Horde Human
As their reckoning in form of enraged Stormwind troops comes closer and closer, the forces of Defias set sail on their recently constructed (however, unarmed) Ogre Juggernaught and evacuate from their base of Deadmines. With little choices left, they sail to the north, to the Greater Alterac Region, from which the Defias heard news of a massive Anti-Alliance human group - the Syndicate of Alterac... Can the Defias survive and prepare for revenge against Stormwind, or are they destined to fall in the cold northlands?

Alliance Orc
Cornered between the vile Forsaken and the warmongering Orgrimmar under the rule of Garrosh Hellscream, the Frostwolf Clan has little place in the new Horde, now that all hope for the peace is lost. Declared traitors of the Horde and hunted by Garrosh's lapdogs, the Frostwolves have little choice but ask for help from their former foes - the Stormpike Dwarves. Will the two rivals manage to abandon their hatred and stand together against the Warchief's tyranny, or is their fate to be slaughtered by the might of the Horde?

Alliance-only Blood Elf
The newly-christened blood elves have joined the Alliance Remnant after their own home of Quel'Thalas was conquered by the Undead Scourge. Led by Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider many elves soon left the Alliance service after a conflict with the Lordaeronian commander Grand Marshal Garithos and went on a darker path to sate their hunger for magic. However, not all blood elves were ready to abandon the Alliance. Lady Jennalla Deemspring, leader of the elven portion of Silver Hand's Crippling Force still continues to resist the foul Scourge in the Tirisfal Glades... Will the blood elven people survive in this era of darkness, or will they curse the Alliance of Lordaeron in their dying breath as the undead consume what's left of their flesh?

Alliance-too Blood Elf (high elves)
While the blood elves of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider returned to Azeroth to reclaim Quel'Thalas with their newly-gained dark magics, those high elves who stayed on their homeworld continued to cling to the vestigial Alliance. After the news of Warlord Garithos's death, the elves returned to the Ruins of Dalaran and aided the human remnants of Kirin Tor in rebuilding the grand city. Surrounded by the undead at all fronts, can the elves of Dalaran reclaim their old glory together with their old allies, or is the new elven purge not far ahead?

Horde-only Draenei
At the Battle of Black Citadel, the Draenei of Outland, together with their blood elven and naga allies, have managed to reclaim their ancient fortress from the Burning Legion's fel orcs. The new elven masters, however, proved as harsh as the Legion, and soon started to decay in the same dark magics. On the brink of enslavement, the high chief Akama has called for an all-draenei rebellion, with the intent of capturing one of the Shimmering Portals of the blood elves and escaping from Outland. One such portal had led the Draenei survivors to the red wastes of the Barrens, an environment similar to the red world they just came from, yet basking under a natural blue sky not tainted by the fel magic. Soon found by the local orcs of Durotar, the draenei face a harsh choice. Will they accept the help of the seemingly reformed orcs, or will the old hatreds cloud their judgement and start a new war in Kalimdor?

Horde-too Draenei
Not all Exodar draenei were content with the orderly nature of the theocracy of Aldor and Prophet Velen. Many preferred to use extensive magic to enhance their own strength to the level of Burning Legion's Man'ari Eredar. Faced with little understanding and no support from the Theocracy, these draenei set on a path for new allies, who will understand the need to combat the Legion with any kind of force available. Will the New Horde prove to be such an ally, or will the draenei never be able to reconcile with their old enemies, who massacred their kind in the days past?
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Old 02-03-2014, 01:50 AM
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I've made a poll about that a while back, here it is:

My opinions are there as well.
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Old 02-03-2014, 02:38 AM
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Alliance-too Blood Elves (HE)
During Dalaran's return to the Alliance and its preceding Sunreaver purge, Vereesa Windrunner cemented herself as Jaina's firm right hand, and on the Isle of Thunder the Silver Covenant proved to be one of Dalaran's most stalwart military arms, taking the fight to mogu and blood elf alike. This new prominence has given the previously scattered and disorganised high elves a greater purpose within the Alliance, and Vereesa's position as one of Jaina's closest advisers has given the race a voice on Alliance councils. With their political weight at a high not seen since their expulsion from Quel'Thalas, high elves from all across Azeroth and Draenor have been joining their brethren in Dalaran, swearing themselves to the Silver Covenant and to the Alliance.

I can't think of any others I would actually enjoy, heh.
The gnome, for example, could be impressed by the technology of a conqueror, the goblin by his riches, the elf by his respect for the arcane, the draenei by his moral integrity, the tauren by his calm authoritative bearing. But the orc, who is impressed by none of these things, must always be struck to the dust, and struck down again as he rises, and struck again as he lies groaning. ‘While his wounds still pain him he will respect the hand that dealt them’.
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choose your destiny, factions, for khalimdor mah sistahs, keal thus is evul

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