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Old 06-21-2017, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Almed View Post
>Arthas Skywalker

Arthas did it first (prequels weren't out then). And besides, Arthas is Elric of Melibone double teaming as a corrupt King Arthur.

It doesn't have to be Warcraft 3. It can be Lord of the Clans (can cover core of the franchise, happens in a small enough conflict, and Thrall). The point is that WC3 and WoW up to Wrath are the most iconic areas of the franchise.
That ultimately does not matter. My point was that the movie as planned was doomed from the get-go. Lord of the Clans might have been a bit more appealing to some of the hardcore fans, but I do not see how it would have saved it. The movie's failings were not connected to the choice of an era.

But really, since neither of us can prove their claims here, we'll just have to agree to disagree. If you think that a movie based off of Warcraft III and the associated material would have fared better, be my guest.

Tell that to the Angry Birds Movie.
You can't compare these two. Angry Birds are an animated movie with a completely different target audience, making it different to market. Moreover, it also had twice a smaller budget. And finally, it fared even worse than Warcraft in international markets.

Reviews don't determine success.
Eh, they certainly factor in, though, especially for movies without established predecessors, like Warcraft. And you are acting as if I listed that as the only factor, which I didn't.

Yeah, but part of it is from what happened in the Faction War with Warlords where Blizzard tried and failed to return to the pre-WC3 era. I'm figuring Metzen and Co. are thrown off by the antiphy towards the First and Second War and worship for WC3's era with its key characters (namely Arthas, Thrall, and Illidan). Maybe they really regret WC3 (hence doing things like getting Thrall out of the Horde's leadership, declawing the Night Elves, nuking Theramore and setting Jaina for Raid Bosshood...).
I think you are mistaking effects for causes here.

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